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Thank you for being a host of a party! This party portal makes it easy for you to announce your upcoming party to your friends. Use this portal to enter your guest information and to invite guests to your party by email. You can view their responses to your invitation in the tables below. Do you like social networking? Convenient links have been provided for you, so you can post your party information to Facebook and Twitter! Use every means at your disposal to get the word out about your party! More guests means greater potential for sales and rewards in our host award program.

If you need help using this tool, contact the advocate listed to the right.
Party # 1582
Host Jen Stinson
Event Date 12/12/2017 7:30:00 PM
Consultant Jennifer Stinson
Contact Email livingsafewithjen@gmail.com
Contact Phone 9132356607
This party is closed and no further changes can be made.

If you feel this message is in error, please contact the consultant listed above for assistance.
Manage E-Vites and Invited Guests
The guest list below contains the names of everyone who has been invited to your party, including guests who registered through your party website. You may add more guests using the tools below. Don't forget to send e-vites to each of your guests. To personalize them, use the editor we provide below. Once you have entered your personal message, you can select the guests to whom you will send an e-vite. Next, select the e-vite template to use. Then, click the send button. That is all there is to it! ReAdvocate when sending an e-vite, the response code will be reset to NORESPONSE until your guest responds by clicking one of the links provided in the e-vite.

Personalizing Your E-vite:
First, before sending the e-vites, use the html editor at the bottom of this page to create your message .
Send E-ViteAction  Guest NameEmailPhoneSelect E-vitePreviewLast E-viteLast E-vite DateInvitedResponse DateResponse Code
No guests currently invited to this party
Add New Guests or Edit Details of Current Guests Here Return To Top
To add a new guest -
Simply fill in the form below and click the Add New Guest Button below.  The new guest will automatically be added to the guest list. Don't forget to send them an e-vite!

To Edit Details of an Existing Guest -
Click the 'Edit' button next to the name of the invited guest in the list above. Their information will be copied to the form below, where you may then edit it. Once you have completed all changes, click the 'Save Changes' button.
Create New Guests or Edit Existing Guests   (Guests created with this tool will automatically be invited to the party)
First Name  
Last Name N/A N/A
You are not required to enter information into the following fields; but if you opt to enter the information now, it will facilitate the ordering process for your guest.
Available Guests
The following guests were added by you or your consultant. You may invite any of these existing guests to your party simply by clicking on the 'Invite Guest' button next to their name.
Action  Guest Name
Ahlrichs, Nancy
Ahlrichs, Nancy
Ahlrichs, Nancy
Bahm, Stephanie
Bailey, Jami
Beaudin, Jamie
Broom, Rebecca A
Cartwright, Andrea
Conrad, Angie
Corbin, amanda
Good, Melanie
Halterman, Amanda
Helin, Abby
Helin, Abby
Helin, Abby
Helin, Abby
Johnson, Dama
Jordan, Michelle
Keeven, Emily
Kiley, Rose
Kiley, Rosemary
Lawson, Charlene
Luna, Angela
Mason, Alicia
Miller, Jennifer
Montgomery, Sara
Montgomery, Sara
Montgomery, Sara
Morgan, Vesta
O'Brien, Tracy
Pacheco, Autumn
Peck, Sherry
Peck, Sherry
Powers, Rachelle
powers, Rachelle
Quillin, Krystal
Rico, Lucinda
Simmons, Jennifer
Smith, Nicole
Stephens, Cindy
Stinson, Jennifer
Stinson, Glenn
Stinson, Makayla
Stinson, Jennifer
Stinson, Jennifer
Stinson, Jen
Wilkinson, Kimberly
Personalize Your E-vite Return To Top
You may add a personal message to the email invitations that we will be sending out on your behalf. Simply use the Editor Tool provided below to create the message that you want to include.The message you enter here will appear in the e-vite you have selected in the list above, provided that the selected e-vite supports it. (Use the preview button to see the results) Feel free to get creative!
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