Au Naturale Pressed Eyeshadow Palette


Au Naturale Pressed Eyeshadow Palette

As summer approaches prepare to let your Au Naturale beauty shine with this palette.

Enjoy the natural beauty that is a Florida Summer with this Matte Pressed palette.

Shimmery Sand, SummerTan, Naked, and Coconut Shell make up the most naturally beautiful combination to enhance the perfect summer glow.

Our pressed minerals are made exclusively with organic sugarcane alcohol and organic fractionated coconut oil - that's it! There are NO fillers, binders, synthetics, petrochemicals, glycols, silicones, harsh chemicals, or fragrance - you'll only find pure, natural ingredients.

As always, the loose minerals used are made with our NON-Commitment policy standards.

Our NON - commitment to you:

All of our raw ingredients & all of our finished loose mineral products are:

Non - Coated with waxes, chemicals, etc.

Non - Micronized

Non - Nano Technology

Non - Nano Particles

Our blending process consists of using commercial size food processors that will only ensure that the powders are blended & disperse evenly. It does not cause a further reduction in size.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil*, Mica,& Iron Oxides, Sugarcane Alcohol*; May contain Titanium Dioxide.


[ P-162 ]

$ 50.00


Treat Your Skin

Purifies pores, boosts collagen, firms skin

Moisturizing Body Bars

Clean skin without drying it out

Moisture Replenishing

fast absorbing, non-greasy feel

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