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Love your skin after bath time with this nourishing bodycare set designed to clean without drying and give all day moisture that's not greasy.

You choose the scent of body bar that you want, and get our hydrating body lotion in this money saving body bundle.

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Meet the bars:

Blood Orange Bergamot - A tantalizing blend of blood orange essential oil blended with the complexity of bergamot to create a uniquely smooth, light and citrusy moisturizing body bar.

Activated Charcoal - A purifying bar that's great for acne. Combines activated charcoal with sultry blend of cacao and citrus oils that balance purifying tea tree oil for a complex, earthy scent profile.

Unscented - Created with no fragrance or color, just pure saponified organic oils. Ideal for the most sensitive skin issues.

Lavender - Soft floral blend of of pure lavender and lavandin essential oils so you can indulge in an overall calming experience.

Lemongrass Fields - An irresistable unisex scent blend of six essential oils – including bergamot, lime, lemongrass, and sage that you won't forget.

Wintermint - An invigorating bar designed to leave your skin refreshed with ground organic peppermint leaves scented with pure peppermint essential oil.

Meet the lotion

Cedarwood Lime - fast absorbing, non-greasy lotion made with a blend of collagen boosting aloe and skin nourishing rosehip seed oil that leaves your skin silky soft all day.


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Day & Night System

boosts collagen, reduces lines, purifies pores

Moisture Bath For Your Lips

with or without color - you get to choose

Silky Soft Hands

Tough on dirt, soft on skin

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